I need help on Art History Research

I need help on Art History Research
(Either APA or MLA)
RESEARCH PROJECT INFORMATIONMajor Research ProjectLet me remind you that this is a major research project, at least five pages in length, and should include bibliography, and photographs when appropriate. The bibliography and photographs should not be used in the total page count. Please review the options below about selecting a topic. You should really select something that interests YOU, so please select a topic that you are interested in or somehow connects to your major.
OVERVIEWThe purpose of the project is to allow you to embark upon in-depth research into one facet of art or architecture from a historical period and then tie your findings to our contemporary world. We are looking to make connections between the past and our current perspectives, ideals, beliefs, designs, and experiences. Think of this as an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of historical art forms as well as an opportunity to showcase your ability to use appropriate art historical vocabulary.This project will require you to select one of the topics below, watch one of the below documentary videos, and complete a research paper based on your topic.You will need to utilize at least 5 scholarly sources in your final paper. Your paper should be written in APA or MLA format, and in-text citations should be used. Please double space and use 12pt ft in either Ariel or Times New Roman font.
Guidelines for Writingan Art History Research PaperI. OrganizationThis research paper project takeson the form of analytical research. Youshould set up a problem or argument, then provide evidence to support whateverposition you, the writer, have chosen. Select your artwork(s) and try to decidewhat you want to say about them. Whenyou write, you should use not only written references, but also you ownexperiences and ideas of the artwork(s).Any paper follows a basicstructure of an introduction, body or argument, and conclusion. Theintroduction should not exceed 2 or 3 paragraphs, in which you set out thescope of the problem you will examine, your procedure, and reasons for theproject. In the body of the paper you present the argument methodically,supplying evidence in the form of examples and quotes where needed. Theconclusion can either summarize your findings or open the problem up forfurther exploration while presenting some of your conclusions.II. CitingSources or ReferencesIn the course of writing yourpaper, you will naturally rely on the works of other writers to supply yourevidence unless you are conducting interviews, in which case you still have tocite your sources. Whenever you use a piece of information that is not commonknowledge and is drawn from an outside source, you must cite it in the form ofan intratextual reference, footnote, or endnote. For the purposes of an arthistory paper, the format used by the ArtBulletin is considered to be standard.A. IntratextualreferencesThese are inserted immediately following theinformation drawn from the outside source, whether it be a quote, observationor information obtained through someone else’s research. They include theauthor’s name, date of work if you have more than one source by the sameauthor, and page number within parentheses. Because they tend to bedistracting, intratextual references arenot commonly used in art historical writing.Example: “Jack and Jill wentup the hill” (Goose, 4).B. Footnotesor EndnotesThe only difference between a footnote and endnoteis where they appear in your paper. A footnote appears on the bottom of thesame page as the reference. Endnotes are listed at the end of the document. Thechoice mostly depends on whether your software has a footnote function or ifyou have to keep track by hand, in which case the endnote system is easier.All the following examples comefrom Art BulletinExample: Single author text1. James Clifford, The Predicament of Culture:Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art. Cambridge, MA andLondon, 1988, 11.Please note punctuation and thatpage number is not preceded by ‘p.’ or ‘pp.’ The title is either underlined oritalicized, not bold-face or any other combination.Example: Essay from an anthology2. Russell Ferguson,“Invisible Center,” In Out There:Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures.Russell Ferguson et al., ed., New York, 1990, 9.Example: Article from Journal orPeriodical3.Anthony dePalma, “A Scholar Finds HuckFinn’s Voice in Twain’s Writing about a Black Youth,” New York Times, July 7, 1992, A16.4.David Craven, “Abstract Expressionism andThird World Art: A Post-Colonial Approach to ‘American’ Art,” Oxford Art Journal, XIV, no. 1, 1990, 44-65.5.George Schuyler, “The Negro ArtHokum,” The Nation, June 16, 1926,repr. in Nathan Huggins, ed., Voices from theHarlem Renaissance. New York, 1976, 309-12.Example: Essay from Exhibition Catalogue6.Gerardo Mosquera, “Modernity and Africania:Wifredo Lam on his Island,” in WifredoLam. exh. cat., Barcelona, 1993, 174.If you cite the same workimmediately following the first citation:7.Ibid.If the second note followsimmediately but has a different page number:8.Ibid., 175.If you repeat a source later inthe notes with other sources in between:9.dePalma, A17.All footnotes are numberedsuccessively. You do not repeat the number of the earlier citation.10.Internet sources should have the author of thepage (if known), the title of the page, and the address and date searched.III. IllustrationsYou should include a reproductionof any work of art that you discuss in your paper. The proper form for this isto cut the photocopied image out and paste it onto another sheet of paper or toscan the image in by computer. Under the image you should have the followinginformation:• theillustration or figure number that you have assigned it in the text.• artist’sname, title underlined or italicized (not in quotation marks), andthe date of the work. This information can either be included in the text atthe time you discuss the work or be placed under the illustration or in aseparate list of illustrations at the end of the paper.• sourceof illustration. This resembles footnote form: author, title of publication,place of publication, date and page or plate number. If from a periodical, justfollow that form.IV. BibliographyThe bibliography is a list of allthe works you have consulted for the writing of the paper, including thosewhich were not cited in your footnotes, but not including those that youchecked out of the library but didn’t end up using because they didn’t reallyrelate to your topic but your bibliography looks awfully short with just twoworks on it.Bibliographies are not numbered.They are always in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. More than oneentry by the same author is indicated by a line.Examples of bibliographic form from Art BulletinBois, Y.-A., “Painting asTrauma,” Art in America, LXXVI, no. 6,June, 130-41, 172-73._____, 1992, “The Semiologyof Cubism,” in Picasso and Braque: ASymposium. I. Zelansky, ed., New York, 169-208.Buci Glucksmann, C.,“Catastrophic Utopia: The Feminine as Allegory of the Modern,” in The Making of the Modern Body: Sexuality andSociety in the Nineteenth Century. C. Gallagher and T. Laqueur, ed.,Berkeley, 1987, 220-29.Daix, P., 1993, Picasso: Life and Art. H. O. Emmet, trans.,New York.Once again, Internet sourcesshould have the author of the page (if known), the title of the page and datesearched. You can alternatively put the date of publication after the placeof publication. The importantthing is to be internally consistent. Choose a format and stick to it.V. GeneralPoints and Frequent Errors1.Watch for the difference between ‘effect’ and ‘affect.’ Generally if it’s a verb you want ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ fora noun. Generally. If you’re not sure, look it up in the dictionary.2.Note well the difference between the contractionof ‘it is’–it’s–and the possessivepronoun its. The possessive pronounhas no apostrophe.3.Look for repeated words and terms. It may seemthat ‘painting’ has no synonyms. It does. Another word that art-writers tend tooveruse is ‘influence.’ Try to find a more precise word to describe what youmean.Example: Degas’s paintings were a big influence on José Fulano.Compare to: José Fulano used Degas’s treatment ofyoung ballerinas as the basis for his studies of salsa dancers.4.Try to avoid the passive voice.5. Notethe difference between single quotation marks (‘ ‘) and double (““). Single ones denote a word or phraseitself, not what it means. Example: I wrote about the verb ‘to be.’ Doublequotation marks denote a quote or set off a phrase for its meaning. He likes toplay “good cop” to her “bad cop.”6.‘Feel’ and ‘believe’ mean different things. In aresearch paper, you generally mean ‘believe’ rather than ‘feel.’ Example: I believe that the artist made such uglypaintings to express his feelingsabout the ugliness of the world. Or: I felta sudden pain in my head when I looked at his painting.7.‘Medium’ is singular. ‘Media’ is plural.8.PROOFREAD!9.Any other pet peeves of your instructor as notedby that person.
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