I need help on Why Good Health Matters to Patagonia – In this section give explain why your company (in this case Patagonia)

I need help on Why Good Health Matters to Patagonia – In this section give explain why your company (in this case Patagonia)
Global Citizen Assignment Overview( Hello, you are free to choose whatever topic interests you the most! thank you so much, I appreciate your work 🙂 ) (it is a paper, disregard anything said about the option of presenting or doing a PowerPoint)
Global Citizens Assignment Overview (Due August 2nd; worth 24%).The Global Citizens Assignment will be a semester long project to be completed individually. This project will help bridge the connection between the UN Sustainability Goals and potential business application while giving you the opportunity to practice researching and reporting on an issue you find interesting.It will require you to choose one of the global issues provided (see below) as the main focus of your project. The potential topics listed are derived from the UN Sustainability Goals list.The purpose will be to develop a report that provides recommendations for a company to address a given global issue. This will require you to research the UN Sustainability Goal and critically think about how an organization can change their behavior to start addressing the chosen issue in their organization.Choose a Goal from the UN Topics list that you would like to have as the focus of your audit and find a company that you want to help by developing a plan for them. Please choose a topic that you are interested in researching.UN Sustainable Development Goals Topic Listhttps://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300 (Links to an external site.)No PovertyZero HungerGood Health and Well-BeingQuality EducationGender EqualityClean Water and SanitationAffordable and Clean EnergyDecent Work and Economic GrowthIndustry, Innovation and InfrastructureReduced InequalitiesSustainable CitiesResponsible Consumption and ProductionClimate ActionLife Below WaterLife on LandPeace, Justice and Strong InstitutionsPartnershipsYour report is to be a 6-8 page paper on your recommendations on how a company can change what they are currently doing to help address one of the UN goals. This is to be no shorter than 6 pages but cannot exceed 8 pages (double spaced). The page count does not include title page, table of contents, references or appendices.This is to be a report on the goal, its importance, why the company should care and how this company can move toward making a difference in this area. Think of yourself as a consultant hired to help the company move in the direction of this goal. You will need to make a case as to why they need to change and how they can change.In this type of report, you want to give the organization options. Usually a report would have three potential courses of action that vary in scale, complexity and cost. One way to think about it would be something that would require a small budget ( or little disruption), a moderately budget (or moderately disruptive) and a large budget (or disruptive). You could also have three completely different ideas. It is just important that you give a few options.Once you have given the options, you then choose the one that you think is best suited for the company at this time and explain why you have chosen that one.So the outline of the report may look as follows (Let us say that I choose to help Patagonia)Executive Summary (no more than one page, completed on a separate page from the rest of the report)The UN Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being – This section would be a write up about the UN goal you choose and why it is important for your chosen organization.Why Good Health Matters to Patagonia – In this section give explain why your company (in this case Patagonia)Presentation Option – If you would prefer to present your material in a video, you are able to do that. You would still be required to have all of the components of the written document (Executive Summary, Introduction, Recommendations, Suggested Recommendation, Conclusion). You can submit this as voiceover PowerPoint, just be sure that you do not simply read your notes. If you are presenting it, it needs to be a presentation, not a reading.NOTE: due to the length of this assignment, this will not be returned in the normal turnaround time.
The professor made a video to explain the assignment and here are the transcripts of her video:
Hello everyone. I’m Dr. Mccauley here. I’ve been getting emails regarding the global citizen assignment. And so I would do today is do a quick video to kind of walk you through the overview and maybe just highlight a few things that you need to be looking out for as you’re going through and completing this project. Because we are coming up, you’ve about 23 days now until it’s due, so you still have time to get the research done. But I do know that some of you are trying to get your work done early. So I thought I would put this out now so that people have an idea. So the project itself is to take a look at the UN sustainability goals. Looking at those sustainability goals, and then figuring out a way an organization can incorporate that into their day-to-day practices. And now, when you’re looking at this, it doesn’t have to be something that’s going to be completely altering of the organization. What you want to do is you want to be able to find something that is realistically something that an organization could do. So we’ll just read through this first part. So it’s going to be looking for you to choose one of the global sustainability goals. You can use any one of these schools. And if you click to this link and I’ll just click it now, you can actually get a write-up on each of them. So as you go into each one of them, what does it actually mean? So we look at no poverty, 0, hunger. What are these quality of education, equity for gender? All of them are kind of, if you click into it, I’ll click in again. He actually I’ll do it this page to open it with another one. You can see that it gives you an overview of it, kind of looks at some of the statistics of what’s happening and then publications related to it. So there’s lot material here for you to be able to do research, to be able to understand kind of what the goal really means. So the first thing is to kind of figure out, okay, which one of these goals really resonates with me? Which one do I think I see value in? And I can think of an organization that might be able to do something for, for this issue. So for example, let’s say we are looking at no poverty. Well, no one organization is going to be able to help alleviate poverty. But is there something that can be done at a local level that can help with your local poverty issues. And so you don’t have to be thinking of there going to be able to solve the actual goal. What you’re looking for is to be able to just help move the needle a little bit. So if you are looking at and poverty, okay, and all of its forms, maybe it’s going to be having an organization sponsor a soup kitchen in your local area for the homeless population. So that would be one way of having it so that they were actually doing something that could help. Now that’s kind of a little task, right? So what’s the bigger task school? Maybe they’re actually going to set up a program where you are able to teach people to cook for themselves and a very low budget, right? And so they know maybe helping. So the other our actual programs out there, again, you could be looking at researching these amino where they have it so that it is a soup kitchen, but they actually have kind of two parts to it. One is the soup kitchen that they feed the homeless population. But they also have another population that come in and actually learn how to cook it. The other ones cooking the food to then be able to feed and the soup kitchen. So look at these programs. So that will be the next level up that right? So what we’re looking at your recommendations and we’ll get to that in a moment. We’re looking for you to give a variety of them. Writes lose at least three. And you know, usually when you would give a recommendation, you kind of go from a small scale to a larger to a larger. So if you wanted to keep a poverty idea, maybe it is that you just don’t meet to a soup kitchen would be the one. The next one is that you’re going to actually run a soup kitchen or you’re going to have your employees go and give them pay time to go work in a soup kitchen. But then the 3 May 1 be that you’re actually going to have it so that individuals are going to actually maybe start a program that is much more detailed, but the one I mentioned where they’re actually helping people cope, then providing the, the resources to then be able to create the food to have served in a soup kitchen. So that could be an example of it. So I’m just gonna go back over to the instructions here again. So if we look at the instructions right, you are to kind of pick one of the issues and dances potential listed here. The purpose is to provide a report that gives recommendations to accompany, to address given the global issue. So this will require you to research it and then think about the organization. So choose below. Now here’s what you actually have to deliver so that the report is to be six to eight pages in length. And now we are looking at this. This includes Yo putting titles, making it very concise. Maybe some graphics. That six pages doesn’t have to necessarily just be essay style, right? You know, with business writing, you want to be concise and you want to make it attractive looking and you want to make it easy for the individuals to read. So you want to have it so you want to know sure. That sex but not to exceed eight. So that’s really kind of a tight window there for you. And the pages that you don’t have to include though, or the title, the table of contents and references and dependencies. You need to have them in the report, but they wouldn’t have to fall into that. Eat a pages if you kinda going over a little bit. So you do need to have them, but they don’t go into that camp. Then the report. So I kind of think about how can you help them as an consulted, move in the direction of that goal. So again, not looking to solve the goal, right? Because I think some people think of this as 0. We’re trying to save the world by doing this. We’re trying to show an organization that they can help contribute to this goal. Each individual can be isolated. It’s not the snippet you, you have to avoid because it’s just too much, right? How can we, at a smaller scale, that idea of we all make it a little bit of an adjusted to try to reach these goals that were more likely to get there. So now there are kind of when you’re looking at the recommendations. So this is this part here, right? You want to give options and usually there’s three options when, anytime you’re giving an option to an organization and so you want to have kind of IT them to vary and I say, and scale, complexity and cost, right? So that’s just, you know, just an examples of it. So it could be, you’re doing the same thing just at a larger scale. It could be that you’re actually getting more complex as you go along with your options. Or it could just be the amount of money that you’re going to invest into it, right? So think about it as what would be something that would be a small destruction of small change up to a moderate and then to a larger. And now I do see the budget there and you know, what we’re looking at this, it is good to give the budget what it’s going to cost and you don’t have to, you know, it’s going to be difficult for you to estimate some of these things and what it’s going to cost. Especially if you’re looking at something like poverty and you’re looking at a training program. Well, there is still a cost to that. So just kind of looking at what could potentially be those costs. And again, we know that they’re going to be estimates, so don’t worry about but giving some kind of dollar amount to what you’re going to be doing is going to be able to take your report to that next level. So that’s going to be important for you to do. So once you’ve given your options, but then you have to choose which is the one that’s best suited, which one do you recommend the organization actually choose? So you’ve given three options. What do you realistically think that the organization is capable of doing, right? So you want to do that. So now, I do say here that when we review session, but we decided to go with the video instead, just because no one shows up to the review sessions, left one of those things. So this video, we’ll have a discussion board with it. So if there’s any questions that you have, you can put it there to be able to kind of answer. We can help you answer anything that you want. Something. Yeah, The other thing we have here is a presentation options. So you’ll see in the, the syllabus it said that you could present instead of doing a paper. So if you want, you can actually do a video. So it would be maybe a voice-over PowerPoint or maybe you could be if the video, whatever you’re capable of, you can actually submit that as well. Meal. You have to have all the same components. And so I’m going to look at, for example, a sample outline for you here in a moment. So I want all of those components still there. So you have to do a bit of an executive summary upfront. Need to do an introduction that includes the the actual goal that you’ve chosen to explain that out for us. Recommendation just as just a recommendation and then your conclusion. You can submit, like I said, as a boy’s voice over PowerPoint, or you could actually be in it. The only thing I want you to make sure that you know that you will be docked. The will be points deducted for is that if you’re just simply reading it. So if I could tell that you’re sitting there and you’re saying, you know, the UN goal that I have chosen is the responsible consumption of production. Consumption and production. This is the 12th you and goal, as you could kind of feel like I’m reading that. I don’t want that if you’re going to present, you got to present the ideas. You need to know the ideas, right? And so make sure that you’re presenting in a way that’s going to be engaging. So, but that is an option for those of you who don’t want to do the actual write-up itself. Now, what I’m going to switch over here to this outline so you can do it whatever way you want. So when I’m giving you this suggested that Ryan this is not the required way of doing it. This is just something I’ve jotted down just to give you an idea of how it could flow. Okay? So an executive summary is kind of really important for any report that’s over a couple of pages, right? Because you wanted to have it so that it’s always going to look at it. That first paragraph or first couple of paragraphs. It’s going to be the decision for me of whether or not I want to read it or not. Right? And now obviously we’re going to read it because it’s an assignment, we’re going to have to degrade it. Think of that as just practice because anytime you pass in a report to a manager or to an organization, you know, you kinda got to hook up with that first executive summary and have it no more than a page. Actually, it’s better just to have it like two paragraphs will half a page is really a good amount for an executive summary. Okay. So that’s going to be the first thing that you didn’t have your table contents under that. So your table of contents will not have the executive summary usually, okay, but now there is some people who have the table contents first and then put it, I just prefer it the way that they have executive summary and the table of contents either is okay. But that after table contents, you want to have an introduction, your introduction, it’s going to be started on a new page that you want. Speak up. What does the UN goal, what is the importance of the UN goal? And why is it important for the organization to be interested in it? So this is kind of, you know, that research piece of it around the goal and that you’re going to kind of end that with same. But now we’re going to look at a few recommendations on how you could do this. Then you’re going to give them recommendations 123. And you can actually have those headers there to kinda help make it easier for the person to read. But then you want to make sure you have that. You have suggested recommendation or you call a course of action, or you could say next steps, whatever you want to call it, but have something that kind of takes them into that next recommendation. And then finally, you want to give them a conclusion that summarizes very similar. It’s going to be very similar to your executive summary, but kind of, you know, kind of telling them again, but making sure that conclusion that you talk about that recommendation and why you think it’s a really important one for them. All right, So again, just going back over here, you have the presentation option, you have the paper option. And really these are the goals that you need to choose. And the organization can be big, it can be small, whatever you choose. But just make sure that what you’re suggesting for the company is going to be something that’s realistic. All right, so again, this will be put into a discussion board. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you. Ticker.
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