Lecture exam 3 – summer 2022-Get Answer Now

Lecture exam 3 – summer 2022-Get Answer Now
Question 1
Some microorganisms have very discrete steps in the infection process.  In between the incubation period and period of illness where disease symptoms/signs are most problematic, a person may feel like they are “coming” down with something but it is hard to pinpoint the symptoms.  This stage is known as ________ period:
Question 2
3 out of 3 points
Which is NOT true regarding the regulation of the lactose operon?
Question 3
Which statement is NOT true about ultraviolet (UV) radiation (non-ionizing radiation)?
Question 4
3 out of 3 points
All mutation changes in DNA including silent mutations result in changes in the translated protein that have a noticeable effect on the protein function.
Question 5
3 out of 3 points
Ionizing radiation (such as gamma rays and X rays) has a high degree of penetration and exerts its effect primarily by ionizing molecules in the cell leading to the formation of highly reactive hydroxyl radicals/free radicals, i.e. reactive ions. Formation of these reactive ions lead to DNA damage.
Question 6
3 out of 3 points
Water and food are considered to be ________  when we are talking about disease transmission.  This category would also include inanimate objects that transmits infectious agents between hosts which are referred to as   ______:
Question 7
Which of the following statements is NOT true of lysogeny?
Question 8
Which statement is NOT true about the use of heat for controlling microbial growth?
Question 9
Which is NOT true of the following chemical disinfectant/antiseptic and its mode of activity?
Question 10
Which statement is FALSE about DNA replication in bacteria?
Question 11
3 out of 3 points
Among the reasons why nosocomial infections occur today is because invasive procedures occurring in a hospital such as catheterization can provide a portal of entry for bacteria
Question 12
3 out of 3 points
In the case of the tryptophan operon, the co-repressor tryptophan when complexed to the repressor is able to bind to the operator site and stop the RNA polymerase from transcribing the tryptophan biosynthesis genes.  However, with the lactose operon, the repressor when complexed to the inducer lactose is not able to bind to the operator site which then allows the RNA polymerase to transcribe the lactose metabolism genes.
Question 13
3 out of 3 points
Bisphenols such as triclosan and hexachlorophene and biguanides such as chlorhexidine both work by alkylating proteins in living cells leading to protein denaturation and inactivation.
Question 14
3 out of 3 points
The phenomenon of  _________ is associated with the ability of heavy metals such as silver and mercury to bind to cellular proteins leading to their inactivation.
Question 15
Which is NOT a characteristic of transposons?
Question 16
3 out of 3 points
An example of a chronic infection is the common cold which typically last a few days whereas a good example of an acute infection is tuberculosis which can stay in someone for his/her entire lifetime.
Question 17
Which is NOT true regarding the process of transformation?
Question 18
3 out of 3 points
Which of the following occurs during the process of generalized transduction?
Question 19
3 out of 3 points
Unlike other body sites, the bloodstream is relatively sterile.  If there are bacteria in the bloodstream even transiently, this is called septicemia.  If they are actively multiplying, this is a bacteremia.
Question 20
3 out of 3 points
Which is NOT true regarding conjugation?
Question 21
3 out of 3 points
Some strains of the bacterium Corynebacterium diphtheriae can be associated with toxemia.  In this case, the microorganism (if it carries the toxin genes) is localized to the throat and secretes diphtheria toxin into the bloodstream.  The toxin eventually reaches the target, the heart, where it causes significant damage to the heart
Question 22
3 out of 3 points
All microorganisms are equally contagious (communicable).  Therefore, once in a human, tetanus can be spread easily from one human to another just like other contagious agents like chickenpox and measles.
Question 23
3 out of 3 points
Most sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea are easily transmitted by indirect contact.  They can be transmitted easily to a human being who has contact with a contaminated inanimate surfaces such as toilet seats because these bacteria can survive very well inside and outside of the human host.
Question 24
Which is NOT true of the following chemical disinfectant/antiseptic or food preservative?
Question 25
3 out of 3 points
Which of the following statements about DNA replication is FALSE?
Question 26
3 out of 3 points
When a DNA molecule is replicated, the daughter molecules contain one strand of parental DNA and one strand of newly synthesized DNA; this is ______ replication.   The two DNA strands in the double helix are referred to as being ______.  The sugar-phosphate backbone of one strand is upside down relative to the backbone of the other strand.
Question 27
3 out of 3 points
The flu and the common cold are examples of diseases transmitted by _________ whereas diseases like cholera, polio and dysentery (caused by Shigella species) are transmitted by what is referred to as the __________ route:
Question 28
3 out of 3 points
An example of  a ___________- vector would be the fly having a bacterial organism on its surface and moving that bacteria from one place (where it first attached to the fly) to another place (where the fly can deposit it) after the fly has flown from the first site.
Question 29
3 out of 3 points
Which would NOT be a reason why the presence of a microorganism might interfere with the ability of another microorganism to colonize/infect a body site of a host organism, thereby interfering with the ability of the second microorganism to cause disease at that site i.e. microbial antagonism?
Question 30
3 out of 3 points
Filtration can be used to sterilize liquids that are heat sensitive.  After the fluid is passed through the screen-like filter with openings small enough to prevent the passage of bacteria, etc., the filtrate would need to be collected in sterilized containers.
Question 31
3 out of 3 points
Alcohol (including ethanol) and detergents are effective disinfectants and antiseptics against enveloped viruses because they can destroy the integrity of the lipid envelopes of these enveloped viruses thereby destroying the virus.
Question 32
Which is NOT correct about protein translation in bacteria?
Question 33
3 out of 3 points
The achiness (and vague feeling of discomfort) a human being experiences when infected with the flu is an example of a sign and the fever associated with the flu infection is an example of a symptom.  The signs and symptoms that always accompany a particular disease are called a synchrony.
Question 34
3 out of 3 points
A person who is immune compromised (such as a person with AIDS) is more resistant to opportunistic infections.
Question 35
3 out of 3 points
The DNA polymerase involved in DNA replication has proof-reading abilities.  This means the enzyme can detect errors in nucleotide addition, (i.e. detect mismatched base pairs), to the growing DNA chains and can fix those errors.  However, sometimes it does not fix those errors in time and that is one way that spontaneous mutations can occur in daughter cells.
Question 36
3 out of 3 points
Among the results of a parent cell’s exposure to a chemical mutagen such as a nucleotide (or nucleoside) analog is that there can be permanent changes in the genomes of the daughter cells.
Question 37
3 out of 3 points
Pasteurization conditions such as heating liquids like milk to 72 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds is not considered to be a sterilization technique. Its purpose is to lower the numbers of as many pathogens as possible and decrease the numbers of microorganisms that could cause food spoilage.
Question 38
3 out of 3 points
Herd immunity occurs as a result of members of a community either being vaccinated or having developed immunity after exposure to an infectious agent.  When a community has developed herd immunity, it interferes with the spread of an infectious agent upon reintroduction of that infectious agent to members of the community.

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