Multicultural Education Presentation In your Week 4 discussion: Understanding Multicultural Education in-Get Answer Now

Multicultural Education Presentation In your Week 4 discussion: Understanding Multicultural Education in-Get Answer Now
Multicultural Education Presentation
In your Week 4 discussion: Understanding Multicultural Education in Learning, you submitted a two- to three-minute audio recording to the Multicultural Education Journal’s upcoming conference proposal. After reviewing your audio recording, The Multicultural Education Journal’s conference committee reached out to you and offered you the opportunity to present at their upcoming conference. They have requested that you develop a 10- to 12-slide narrated presentation using Screencast-O-matic (Links to an external site.) for an audience of beginning early childhood development professionals to learn about the key factors of multicultural education.
To prepare for this assignment,
Please refer to the Week 5 Guidance for further tips and examples that will support your success with this discussion.
Read Supporting Cultural Competence: Accreditation of Programs for Young Children Cross-Cutting Theme in Program Standards.
If you do not already have an account with Screencast-O-matic (Links to an external site.), please create a free account. If you need assistance, please watch the optional video Screencast-O-Matic 2017 Tutorial Screencastomatic Screen Recording Tool (Links to an external site.).
Use the three scholarly articles from your Week 3 Literature Review to support your work.
Review the resource How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation (Links to an external site.).
Review the Tips for Oral Presentation resource.
Review the ECD 336 Multicultural Presentation PowerPoint  Download ECD 336 Multicultural Presentation PowerPointTemplate.
Step 1: Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation in which you will
Discuss cultural diversity and what it looks like in action in the learning environment. Refer back to your Week 1 discussion: What is Cultural Diversity? for support.
Summarize cultural competence in your own words. Refer back to your Week 1 discussion: Evaluating Your Own Cultural Competence for support.
Explain how you will apply the three foundations of culturally relevant and anti-bias curriculum in your learning environment. Refer back to your Week 2 discussion: Foundations of Culturally Relevant and Anti-Bias Curriculum for support.
Describe a culturally relevant and anti-bias activity that you have used in a learning environment and provide a rationale for its use. If you do not have a real-life example, you may use a child from one of the case studies. Refer back to you Week 2 Assignment: Culturally Relevant, Developmentally Appropriate Early Learning Activity for support
Summarize how you will supporting the needs of various family structures. Refer back to your Week 3 discussion: The Changing Face of U.S. Families: Differentiating for Diverse Families for support.
Discuss at least one specific strategy you will use to connect with culturally diverse families and promote family engagement. Provide a rationale for its use.If you do not have a real-life example, you may use a child from the case study. Refer back to your Week 3 discussion: Building Partnerships with Culturally Diverse Families for support.
Explain how early childhood development professionals can support families in accessing high-quality multicultural education for diverse learners. Provide a rationale for your thinking. If you do not have a real life example, you may use a child from the case study. Refer back to your Week 4 discussion: Accessing High-Quality Multicultural Education for Culturally Diverse Learners.
Summarize how you will create a multicultural learning environment. Refer back to your Week 4 discussion: Understanding Multicultural Education in Learning.( you did this discussion for me, so look back at what you submitted)
Week 1 Discussion 1
Week 1 Discussion 1
Explain your definition of cultural diversity.
Cultural diversity is a diverse of many different cultures. Cultural diversity can fall under many different categories. This can include race, religion, culture, and ethics.
Summarize at least three factors that contribute to cultural diversity.
There are several factors that contribute to cultural diversity. Three factors that contribute to it are race and ethnicity, poverty status, and dual language learners. When it comes to race and ethnicity it is one of the most cultural diversities that we see. It is so important to teach students about this. So many falls under race and ethnicity such as race, religion, and gender. “Ethnicity is defined as having a shared nationality, language, religion, or sociopolitical history (e.g., a group’s exposure to conquest, slavery, or segregation). Race is defined as a shared ancestral heritage that distinguishes groups of people based on physical characteristics that were once believed to be genetic or biological” (Curenton, S. M., & Iruka, I. U. (2013). Poverty status in cultural diversity affect people in differ ways. It has been known to leave families with health problems, lack of food, lack of education and oftentimes homeless. According to Curenton, S. M. etc. (2013), children who live in concentrated poverty are more likely to attend lower-quality schools, have fewer resources, and less experienced teachers. Dual language learners also play a major part of cultural diversity. “Given the diversity of immigrants of different nationalities, it should not be surprising that 20% of the United States population speaks a language at home other than English” (Curenton, S. M., & Iruka, I. U. (2013). DLL can experience so many challenges that could possibly leads to behavior problems. These students may also suffer from social and emotional challenges. “Dual language learners (DLLs)—children who are acquiring two or more languages at the same time. The term DLL can encompass other terms frequently used to describe students, such as Limited English Proficient (LEP), bilingual, and English language learner (ELL)” (Curenton, S. M., & Iruka, I. U. (2013).
Describe at least two ways you will encourage cultural diversity in your early learning setting.
Two ways that I will encourage cultural diversity in my early learning setting is by using cultural diversity reading materials and by building a background with each student. When you incorporate reading materials about diverse culture, it helps introduce the students to different cultures. This allows them to understand how each culture is celebrated all over the world. When you build a background with each student it allows them to present photographs of their culture and share their own opinions and thoughts on their culture.
Week 1 discussion 2
Summarize your own cultural competence according to the Cultural Competence Self-Test.
After completing the cultural competence self-test, most of my answer was frequently. What I found out is that going through this assessment showed me how important it is to understand diversity and how to make sure all cultures are being displayed within the classroom. It also has shown me ways to bridge the gap when it comes to diversity. Even though this topic is rarely spoken on, it is something that needs to be address and handle properly in the schools.
Explain how understanding your own level of cultural competence will help you to incorporate the Core of Cultural Competence ideas shared in Figure 2.3 of your course text.
There are six skills in building cultural competence, valuing diversity, engaging in self-assessment and self-awareness, assessing the culture of your organization, understanding the history of cultural interactions, institutionalizing cultural knowledge, and adapting to diversity. Getting a better understanding of these will help me make better decisions when it comes to diverse culture. Understanding cultural competence will help me incorporate the core of cultural competence allows me to understand how to implement culture in my lessons and activities. As an educator, it is very imperative to have a clear understanding of each child culture and respecting it as well.
Describe at least one strategy you will use to create a culturally competent learning environment.
One way I will create a culturally competent learning environment by showcasing it throughout the class. This will include hanging poster, artwork, and different resources that can help the students and parents. I will allow students do show and tell so that they could tell the class all about their culture. “One way to begin to value diversity is to learn about the cultures and lives of all the children in your classroom. This can entail asking every child what they did on Saturday or asking each family to share events they celebrate and how they do so” (Curenton, S. M., & Iruka, I. U. (2013).
Week 2 discussion – you can do this part yourself- this is part of what I did
Explain, in your own words, the advantages of using the three foundations of culturally relevant and anti-bias education in the field of early childhood development.
The advantages of using the three foundations of culturally relevant and anti-bias education in the field of early childhood development is that helps build a great future for our children. It also helps with learning opportunities at an early age. It gives every child a chance at learning.
Week 2 assignment – see week 2 assignment attachment
Week 3 Discussion 1
Explain at least two stressors that immigrant families may face.
There are so many things that immigrant families may face in America. One thing they may face is language barriers. So many do not speak any English which cause them to lack in so many areas such as education and getting a better job. “Approximately 21% of school-age children are from immigrant households and almost 80% of these children speak a language other than English” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 4.2). Another thing they may face is overcrowded homes. “The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development defines a household as overcrowded when there is more than one person per room. Approximately 13% of immigrants, especially immigrants from Mexico and Central America, are considered to be in overcrowded households” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 4.2).
Describe at least two ways you will differentiate and provide support for immigrant children and their families to lessen the stressors they may face.
Two ways that I will differentiate and provide support for immigrant families and their children are connecting them to the right resources and being affectionate to them. Connecting the to the right resources will give them a better chance at speaking English, getting a job, and just help with basic needs. “Affection makes the children feel wanted and welcomed” (Adair & Barraza, (2014). When children feel wanted and welcome, they tend to open up more. They will be able to tell you if something is going on with them.
Summarize how early childhood development environments can make access to high-quality education easier for immigrants.
Early childhood development environments can make access to high-quality education easier for immigrants by making them feel welcomed and love. It can also bridge the gap between immigrants’ children and the U.S. children as well. The early childhood environment helps also with language barrier and cognitive skills with immigrants’ children. “Early education programs and teachers can bridge the cultural gap between immigrant families and other families by providing opportunities for connecting through specific events and meetings” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 4.4, table 4.1).
 Week 3 Discussion 2
Describe how building strong relationships with families can have a positive impact on a child.
Building a strong relationship with families have always been the most positive thing to do. It is the job of the educators to make the families less stress. Communication is one of the best ways to build a positive impact with families. “Early childhood teachers can support parents’ preparation for bias through developing relationships with families and understanding the fears and concerns parents have for their children” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 5.2).  When families build a trust bond with the teacher it makes it easier for them to communicate and makes it easier for children to learn.
Discuss at least three specific strategies you will use to connect with culturally diverse families and promote family engagement.
Three specific strategies I will use to connect with culturally diverse families and promote family engagement is: Engage them in culturally relevant activities (Modify activities to meet the cultural strengths of families (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 5.3, table 5.1), send home newsletters, and inviting them into the classroom to read to students. “Families should be invited to visit the program and classroom consistently and continuously during the year—not only during certain times, such as the beginning and end of the school year” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 5.3). 
Explain how you will use community resources to support learning and development.
I will use the community resources to support the learning and development of diverse families by connecting them to resources such as churches, nonprofit organizations, and other government agencies that an assist them with speaking English, food, shelter, and anything that they may lack. “Early childhood programs are unique resource brokers in many ways. Being a resource broker requires that programs and staff know what is available in the community, have multiple relationships with various organizations and agencies, know the needs of families and children, and are able to align family and child needs with community resources” (Curenton & Iruka, 2013, section 5.4). 
I will attach week three literature

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