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Joel Cardenas Gonza

By focusing on the entire population, health is essential for the improvement of medical care and research. It might also improve the clinical treatment of a particular population by promoting better patient results and at a lower cost to deliver healthcare services. Population health is a theory concerned with interrelated circumstances and elements that affect the societies health. Population health can help in the improvement of health in various ways including:

Segmenting the patient populations:  this can be done by grouping the patients by age, gender, illness, social and demographic elements, and others (Hamilton, 2021). The most basic procedure is by the use of age and the condition of the disease. This is the critical first stage of the development of the right population health plan action.

 Identifying the risk elements:  cases such as the unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, and the use of tobacco are some of the first levels of risk factors (Regis College, 2020). When the adjustable and non-modifiable risk elements, such as age when combined, establish the most chronic diseases in the contemporary world. Hence, preventing and having a constant screening of the risk elements might help in the reduction of chronic disease.

 Using the Primary Medical Care Home Delivery Models:  the primary care home is a model of the main care that is focused on the patients, understandable, team-based, and concerned with the safety and the quality of the care offered. The medical home contributes to the population’s health by creating a rapport relationship between the primary caregiver and the patient.

Focusing on general health: The social determinants are crucial drivers in the health services mutilation methods over time. Better health can be attained by building healthier societies with social help. Additionally, by using evidence-based and prevention and increasing the volume-based to value-based care, public health plays a role in improving the health care system.


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Olivia Dominguez Rios – Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 7:46 PM

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There are several ways to ensure a population health focus is used towards the transformation of the healthcare delivery system. This includes the implementation of cost-effective approaches such as the proper subdivision of populations in order to effectively discover risk factors affecting a specific group, establishing prevention as the main objective of healthcare. Health focus can efficiently reduce the amount of hospitalization rates. When separating a population by groups, different factors need to be taken into consideration to evaluate the most common variables that predispose certain individuals to a particular illness. This study is very important because it helps us understand what can be done to reduce the incidence and help our patients experience the highest level of wellbeing. All of this allows the healthcare staff to cut costs and effectively deliver the necessary services to patients. In order for healthcare providers to accomplish their goal of helping the community reach their health goals and disease prevention, the different factors that influence health outcomes must be analyzed. This takes time, a series of sequences must be investigated as common ground to establish a repeated sequence, this sequence is then examined as a whole taken into consideration other components such as vaccination rates, environmental exposure, age, gender, medical history, genetic predisposition to disease, etcetera. The question of why a population experience reduced incidence of cases of certain diseases versus others promoted the creation of these studies to intervene accordingly. Then another question: can we make a significant difference? The idea that not only health variables affect a population as a health focus but also education and economy was created. A population living in poverty is obviously going to struggle to make frequent visits to the doctor, have access to a healthy and nutritious diet, afford health insurance. Meanwhile, children living in this condition also follow these practices, and it comes to affect them later on in life. The application of evidence-based studies in the creation of policies and throughout the decision-making process is essential to help transform the health care delivery system. It is a complex process that requires the work of teams destined to find answers and find ways to achieve lower costs. It is a teamwork where the main objective is to effectively transform a population’s health outcomes and quality of life. It is not only the responsibility of the patient, but us as their providers to educate the public and find alternatives.


Rosario, C. (2020). Why is Population Health Important?

Mileidys Martinez – Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 7:39 AM

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Population Health Focus Transforming the Health Care Delivery System

Population health is a group of people’s health outcomes and how these outcomes are distributed within a group. It can be helpful to health organizations in promoting well-being for particular groups, for example, chronic patients (Hamilton, 2022). According to Flavin (2022), population health aims at identifying the main threats to public health generally. The health care delivery system refers to the regulators, voluntary, and other governmental put in place to improve community health (Kindig & Stoddart, 2003). There are various ways in which population health help transform the health care delivery system: segmenting patients’ population, identifying risk factors, and focusing on the overall health of people in a society.

Population health helps in the health care delivery system transformation by segmenting the patient population. Segmentation of patients is done by grouping people according to their age, disease condition, gender, behavior, and risk stratification. According to Hamilton (2022), in coming up with an appropriate population health strategy, segmentation of a patient population using risk stratifications is an important step towards improving the health care delivery system. Hamilton (2022) also states that segmenting patients helps create possibilities to lower preventable readmission and enables patients to identify community-based resources, thus boosting their health. Risk stratification can be grouped into low-risk, where patients need less attention since the illness shows little signs. Rising-risk, where a patient has a past preventive solution but still does not require expensive clinic care. Lastly, high-risk is when a patient has more than one disease, and it has a high cost. The segmentation method is the first step in transforming the health care delivery system.

The second population health focus towards transforming the health care delivery system is the identification of risk factors among patients. Risk factors are the causes that contribute to most diseases. By Identifying these factors, population health has contributed to transforming the health care delivery system. Imbalanced diet, improper exercising, and drug abuse can be termed first-degree risk factors. According to Hamilton (2022),  Obesity, imbalanced glucose levels, and hypertension are some of the intermediate effects resulting from first-degree risk factors. Other risk factors include heredity and age; these factors are termed non-modifiable risk factors (Hamilton, 2022). Therefore, identifying the risk factors strategy used by population health has improved the health care delivery system.

Population health transforms health care delivery systems by ensuring health for all people in society. Despite different social classes in a society, the health care delivery system has been transformed by population health towards ensuring every member gets access to proper health care. Disadvantaged people tend to be more unhealthy and have higher morbidity and mortality rates (Hamilton, 2022). Population health considers the most common factors that affect the health of a group of people, for example, poverty, political status, race, education, gender, and psychosocial relationships (Flavin, 2022). These factors enable them to reach many people in a society and thus improve health in societies. Therefore, population health has transformed the health care delivery system from being only for the advantaged but also for the disadvantaged.

Population health is a group of individuals aimed at promoting health in a society. It transforms health care delivery systems in the following ways: segmentation of patient population, where patients are grouped considering age, gender, and other factors to ensure effective health services. Secondly, identification of risk factors and using appropriate methods to solve them. Lastly, improving overall health for all patients. Population health employs all these strategies to ensure a proper health care delivery system.


Flavin, B. (2022, February 5). What is population health? A key concept explained. Rasmussen University.

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Jose Ortega Suarez – Wednesday, July 27, 2022, 6:59 PM

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Student’s Name: Jose A Ortega Suarez

Population Health Focus in Transformation of Healthcare Delivery Systems

Population health focuses on the interconnection of circumstances and elements that affects the population in a lifetime. It refers to the outcome of the health of a group of people and the distribution of outcomes within a group. On the other hand, a health delivery system is a facility of individuals, resources, and facilities that offer health services to meet people’s needs. The origin of the population health approach is a historical debate over the connection between human health and economic growth, and in Britain and France, industrial revolt affected population growth (Mackenbach,2020). Later in the 20th century, welfare led to a  compound political mechanism that transformed economic growth into population health. Therefore, population health has been used to transform healthcare delivery systems differently.

Population health focuses on data transformation. Organizations must be able to prioritize both internal and external data sources to ensure openness in population health. However, this approach is important as healthcare delivery systems can apply it. The openness will help the facility avoid risks and manage opportunities, networks, and implementations that will help to improve health services( Rothman,2017). According to the Alberta Health Services population initiative, only eight percent of data is needed to prescribe medicine to patients. Hence the data can guide by ensuring the delivery of the correct services.

Once the facility has the right data, it will need analytical transformation. The analytical structures provide important abilities. The healthcare delivery system will be able to understand the target population while delivering services. The system will also be able to target the right population, identify improvements in healthcare, understand the total cost of care, and plan analysis to ensure a lot of impacts are made.

Healthcare can also apply the payment transformation strategy. The system will understand the total cost incurred in care. However, if an organization shifts to a care model but doesn’t have a payment strategy, it cannot cater to the population’s health. Therefore, the system must understand the cost of care and risk contacts to make sure they are paid for offering services.

Nevertheless, the health delivery system can apply the under-care transformation. (Gurewich & Kressin,2020). The organization can prioritize care services and support people in need of care. For instance, the organization of Cradle Cincinnati dealt with issues of preterm births, death, and health complications. He identified smoking and inadequate as a cause of preterm births. Hence this approach will help the system to focus on continuum care.

In conclusion, population health can be applied by healthcare delivery systems since it focuses on factors that affect the population. Population health refines the outcome of the health of a population through transformations such as data, care, payment, and analysis. Therefore, the health delivery system will provide services efficiently using the population health transformation.


Gurewich, D., Garg, A., & Kressin, N. R. (2020). Addressing social determinants of health within healthcare delivery systems: a framework to ground and inform health outcomes. Journal of general internal medicine35(5), 1571-1575.

Mackenbach, J. P. (2020). History of population health: rise and fall of disease in Europe (p. 442). Brill.

Rothman, D. J. (2017). Strangers at the bedside: A history of how law and bioethics transformed medical decision making. Routledge.

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