Write a program that asks the user to enter two whole numbers, and prints the sum, product, difference, quotient and remainder of the two numbers.

Graded Homework 1Part A:Write a program that asks the user to enter two whole numbers,and prints the sum, product, difference, quotient and remainderof the two numbers.Part B:Write a program that gets three different whole numbersfrom the user, then prints the sum, the average, the product ofthese numbers.Part C:Write a program that reads in the radius of a circleand prints the circle’s diameter, circumference and area. Use theconstant value 3.14159 for Pi. All calculations should occur outsidethe printf statement(s) and use the formatted conversion %.2f for float variables.Part D:Write a program that calculates the student average based onthe following where the user enters 3 values, the program adds the values up andthen displays the student average.GRADED HOMEWORK 2Part A: if or if-else statementsWrite a program that performs the following steps1. User enters 2 integers2. if the first is less than the second, print the statement in words3. if the second is less than the first, print the statement in words4. if the numbers are equal, print the statement in wordsPart B: if or if-else statementsWrite a program that performs the following steps1. User enters 2 integers2. if the first is evenly divisible by the second, print the statement in words3. if the first is not evenly divisible, print the quotient and remainderPart C: switch statementWrite a program that will perform the following steps1. User enters an integer2. Display the integer in Englishif the user enters 7, the program prints sevenPart D: if-elseWrite a program that will perform the following steps1. User enter 5 integers2. if the first number is negative, the program should calculate and print the product of the five numbers3. if the first number is positive, the program should calculate and print the sum of the five numbers
GRADED HOMEWORK 3Name:Date: 3/2/2021 – 3/8/2021Program Description:Write a program using a menu to execute the following:Menu1 – Gas Mileage2 – Sales Commission3 – Grade Calculation4 – QuitVerify the menu choice is 1, 2, 3, or 4The program should continue to loop until the user selects 4 to quit.1 – Gas MileageDrivers are concerned with the mileage obtained by their automobiles.One driver has kept track of several tanks of gasoline by recordingmiles driven and gallons used for each tank. Develop a program usinga while loop that will input the miles driven and the gallons used foreach tank. The program should calculate and display the miles pergallon obtained for each tank. After processing all input information,the program should calculate and print the overall miles per gallonobtained for all tanks.
2 – Sales CommissionPeople in sales frequently earn a base salary and commission on their sales.A company has asked you to write a program to estimate the payroll for theweek given a person’s sales. The sales force earns a base salary of $300per week plus 12% of their total sales for the week. Since each departmenthas a different number of employees, use a while loop to allow the user toexit the program by entering an employee number less than 100 when they havecompleted.3 – Grade CalculationTeachers are often required to give assessments and final grades. A teacherfriend has asked you to write a program to calculate the grades of their students.Each student will have 5 grades that the teacher will enter into your program.As the grades are entered, the program will verify that the grade is between0 and 100, and add to the sum. Once the sum of the 5 grades has been completed,the program will calculate and print the average of the grade. The program willcontinue calculating student averages until the user decides to stop and print theclass average.
GRADED HOMEWORK 4Write a program that contains all of the sample functions as well as the following functions. Your program can be arranged any way you want. The main() should include running each function.Add these functions to your code(you can copy and paste each function from this sheet to get comments)1. Write 2 functions in C to find the square of the input number. (one for integers, one for decimals) and print the results within the functionTest Data :Input any number for square : 20Expected Output :The square of 20 is : 400.002. Write a function in C to the sum of the input numbers and print the results within the function.Test Data:Input 2 integers: 14 20Expected Output:The sum of 14 and 20 is 34
3. Write a function to print the following menuMENU1. Addition2. Subtraction3. Multiplication4. Division5. Quit4. Write a function to ask the user to enter a number between 1 and 5 and return it. The function should ask the user to enter a number, verify that it is between 1 and 5 and then return to a variable where it was called.
GRADED HOMEWORK 6Write a program to calculate and print the following about circles when the user enters the radiusDiameterAreaCircumferencePlanDeclare PI as a constantFunctionsDisplay “Circles” signCalculate the diameter – input: radius – return: diameterCalculate area – input: radius – return: areaCalculate circumference – input: radius – return: circumferenceDisplay results in a squareInput: radius, diameter, area, circumferenceReturn: noneRequirementsFunctionsCircle Sign – make a large signA function that gets and returns the radius from the user – can not be 0 or a negative numberA function to calculate and return the diameterA function to calculate and return the areaA function to calculate and return the circumferenceA function to print the results inside of a squareEvery function contains documentationinput – describe the parameters passed into the functionoutput – describe the value returned from the function callpurpose – what does the function do?Code is free of warning and errorsGRADED HOMEWORK 7Objective: Write a program to analyze the raw data from a survey using arrays and functions.
Basic Steps:Initialize the data[100] array with random numbers from 1 to 9Initialize the frequency[10] array with zerosUse the frequency array to count the number of elements(1s, 2s, …)Print the frequency tableCalculate and print the mean, median, and modePrint the histogram
Basic Points(10) Complete headingRequired Functions(10) Initialize the data array and the frequency array(15) Find the frequency of each element(10) Display the frequency table(15) Display histogram(30) Calculate and display the following using the frequency table onlymean(10)median(10)mode(10)(10) On time
Basic Output:Frequency Table1 102 153 124 165 116 97 118 139 3
Mean: 4.57 Median: 4 Mode: 4
Histogram1: **********2: ***************3: ************4: ****************5: ***********6: *********7: ***********8: *************9: ***


What would you recommend that should be done differently, how and why?

Describe how this pathogen infects the host.Identify the life-cycle, source, or reservoir for this pathogen.

Discuss how your thoughts and concerns related to the legal issues you may encounter in your nursing career.

Describe the cultural environment of the country, using Hall’s framework and Trompenaars’

What makes Quora unique as compared to other Q&A sites, such as LinkedIn Answers or Yahoo Answers, is its utilitarian interface and active member community.

What are some of the ways SIA uses white papers to raise awareness about issues affecting girls and women?

Compare and contrast cognitive approaches to SLA.

In what way(s), if any, can
green consumerism and ‘lifestyle’ politics advance green politics and policy?

Discuss about the fictional federalist character in 1787 traveling the country supporting the New constitution.

Write an epilogue to “The Cask of Amontillado” in which a case against Montresor comes to trial, in your epilogue, provide the precutting attorney’s closing argument, reminding the jury of any evidence that proves Montresor’s guilt.

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